Yoga of Recovery

Responsive Website Design for Recovery Counselor

The Yoga of Recovery is a wonderful treatment program for recovering addicts and alcoholics. The site was formerly an html 1.0 site built in the early 2000’s which was not up to current web standards nor was easy to navigate. The client needed her message to be easily understood as well as be seen in search engines for those searching for treatment options.

We started the project with a marketing analysis where we looked through her statistics to see what was really happening with her existing site, her visitors, and her social media pages. The results showed that there was some, but little activity. We formed a plan to create a site that would help these issues by: being seen by search engines, providing an easy way for admins to update the site, providing a clear an easy way for viewers to sign up and follow her activity and become a followers, and by creating a site that was built with current web standards and could be seen by current browsers on both computers and mobile devices.

Taking her existing logo, we modified it to become a web logo and then created a new, more contemporary, look and feel. Then we put together some images to create a new brand for her. We then incorporated Google calendar API so viewers could get a list of all events in one place and added a lead capture system where visitors can receive a free mp3 class in exchange for signing up for her newsletter.

The final result is a responsive website that allows visitors to follow her events, and helps keep track of the visitors who are interested in learning more.